Making a doll…


At Christmas, Lillee had a kit to make a doll! So we spent an afternoon putting her together. Lillee helped to hold the pieces, push the (plastic) needle through the felt and to stuff her doll at the end. She loved it, and named her new friend Ada. And since then she’s been taken everywhere along with Roo. Definitely a new favourite. In fact, she loved doing in so much we’ve got her another kit ready for her birthday in a few weeks.
As Lillee was there when I brought it, she’s already told me her name is going to be Emily, and Ada is exited to have a new friend!
I’m still not sure how she came up with Ada and Emily as dolls names due to the fact she doesn’t know anyone with either name. We think it may have started out with Aimie and Emma (my sister and I) but we don’t know for sure. But apparently I had a relative named Ada so who knows? Maybe she heard it somewhere!

Emma-Jayne xx

New Book…


I FINALLY got my hands on a copy of the great british sewing bee! I’ve been after it for weeks, but I kept forgetting to pick it up when I was shopping but I got one from Tesco at last! I’m so exited to try out some of the things in it, I just need to get myself fabric shopping first! In the book, there are a few chapters on basic techniques so that even a novice sewer that has never made anything before can easily follow the projects in the book, followed by over 25 different projects to make ranging from curtains to jackets all with a skill level of 1 button (basic) to 5 buttons (a project to work up to) personally I want to throw myself in at the deep end and make the jacket! However, I am well aware that jackets are notoriously difficult so I may make the dress I want first! The only major downside to the book is that there are no paper patterns. You either have to scale up the images printed in the book or download and print them from the internet. Both of these take a lot of time and effort. This doesn’t put me off too much as I’m hoping ill use the patterns more than once so I don’t waste paper! if you want a copy, its available on amazon here .

Emma-Jayne xx