Cadbury World…

Sooo on Friday, we went to Cadbury world! We had a fab time learning about the origins of chocolate, and the history of Cadburys! We were given some bars of chocolate going round, and also a pot of melted chocolate as well as “essence” which was a pot of chocolate with your choice of sweets to put in it (white chocolate buttons, shortbread, rice crispies, wine gums etc.) It was lovely to have a day out just the three of us which rarely happens and we really enjoyed ourselves! We ate breakfast on the train, had lunch at Cadbury world and while we were there we visited the worlds biggest Cadbury shop (which had a train going around the ceiling!! and Sooo much chocolate), wrote our name in chocolate (well I wrote Lillee’s) and stamped “I visited Cadbury world” on a penny!




















Emma-Jayne xx

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own, and I was not subsidised to do this post, we just really enjoyed our day out!


Winter Days…


lillee fell over



cake in a jar

lillee the ladybird


china teacups and springtime flowers

tea for one

mommys little helper


lillee's new quilt

butternut squash soup

Snow, snow and more snow! its been snowing an awful lot lately just here in staffordshire, so playing outside was a must. It’s all gone now, but we enjoyed it while it lasted. The comfort food was a hit in our house, especially the cobbler it may just become a new family favorite! The cake-in-a-jar was a huge success too something i’m definetly going to be making again.

January is traditionally a time to make resolutions. Out with the old and in with the new. New recipes, preparing new things for a special someones birthday in the near future and playing in the first snow of the year seems to me like a fantastic way to start everything off to me. And so, my resolution is this: Live well, laugh often, love much. (Bessie Anderson Stanley) I think we’ve made a good start so far.

Emma-Jayne xx

It feels like Autumn…

It’s a cold, windy day. There’s leaves carpeting the grass. The heating is on and a pot of soup is bubbling in the kitchen. I’d say Autumn has most defiantly arrived. I can’t say I’m 100% happy as this year we’ve had a distinct lack of summer, but I’m looking forward to snuggling up wrapped in warm blankets with my baby girl, warm baths and hot drinks before bed, bonfire night and seeing Lillee’s face when she sees the fireworks again,  soups, stews  and casseroles. Christmas is just around the corner, with all the twinkly lights and a turkey roast. and, for the first time ever I’m prepared to face Christmas head on.  Lillee has presents all ready to be wrapped and sent to Santa  I’m making a start on the hampers for everybody else and slowly but surely getting the house into shape ready to decorate when December comes. I have to say, I’m getting rather exited at the thought… Let’s just hope my preparation pays off this year.

Emma-Jayne x