It’s official…

I’m married!!!

On Saturday 22nd March 2014, I married my partner of 4 years (and Lillee’s daddy) in the church my mom and dad were married in, and then later Lillee was christened in. It was such an amazing day, it all went nearly perfectly. A few issues with timing, and as much as I didn’t want to be I ended up being late! But never mind!

I know I haven’t been around much recently, but I’m hoping you’ll all bear with me for a few more weeks while we settle into married life!


Emma-Jayne xx

Hen night..


It’s very nearly time for the wedding! And so, last weekend I had my hen night. We had an amazing time, dinner and cocktails at an Italian then some drinking and dancing at a local nightclub. I’m a little sad that it’s over, but I know it means there’s less than a month until the wedding and my birthday is next week! So I’m getting exited over those now. I actually can’t believe how fast it’s gone, I mean we’ve been engaged for 3.5 years and now there 20 days until the wedding!!













Emma-Jayne xx

Wedding Planning…


So, Tonight I have a night of wedding planning all ready for me to do! I’ve got a selection of magazines, a glue stick and some scissors and I’m all ready to get stuck into making some mood boards in my wedding notebook…


Emma-Jayne xx

High Heels…

wedding shoes

Okay, so my wedding is in just under nine months! BUT this means that I need to wear some pretty shoes. last year, I brought some shoes similar to these (pictured above). They are the same style and height, but have some embellishment on them.

I adore high heels. Most of the shoes I buy because they are pretty are heels. The problem is I don’t wear heels. ever. not unless I’m going out somewhere and then they’re usually off within half an hour… I CAN walk in high-ish heels, but I’ve not succeeded wonderfully in these ones as of yet. I do have a second pair that are around 3 inches, but I much prefer the higher ones. The other problem I have is wearing heels all day…not something I’ve ever managed! and I know that for most of the ceremony I’ll be standing up. also the churchyard has old, uneven paving stones that I have tripped on in flat shoes in the past… not something I want to do In my wedding dress!! Therefore, the plan is I’m going to work my way up. I’m starting out in 2.5 inch heels that I’m hoping after a few weeks of wearing them to clean in/short shopping trips I’ll be moving up to around the 3-4 inch mark for all day wear…if I can get comfortable in those maybe I have a chance of wearing the killer heels for at least part of my wedding…

So, any tips would be welcome! I need to go from 24/7 flats to high heels in  months…wish me luck!

Emma-Jayne xx

my wedding dress…

Yesterday, i went looking at wedding dresses. I went in not planning on buying anything, just get an idea of styling etc and came out having put a deposit down on a dress!!!

It was the first dress I tried on, and although I tried others in in different styles none were as good as that one and I just knew it was the one. Im so exited for my wedding now 🙂 we just need to organise everything else like a venue and a date!!!!

Emma-Jayne x