Afternoon tea..


So, I thought I’d try something new today, with part of my post being an OOTD (outfit of the day) I know it’s not something I normally do, but I love fashion and I figured I may as well see how it goes!

My dress is from Primark
The jacket is Asda, however they don’t have this exact jacket anymore but there are quite a few around at the moment.
The shoes are Marks and Spencer’s.

I wore this outfit to afternoon tea. My auntie is getting married soon, and is having a “family” hen and one for all her friends(cocktail making and a 1920’s theme!). I wanted something classy for our afternoon tea, and this is what I came up with! I’m in love with these shoes at the moment, so comfy and only £18 which is a bargain especially for M&S!

As for the afternoon tea itself, the cakes were delicious and tree was an endless supply of tea. It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.




Let me know what you think of the OOTD style post!

Emma-Jayne xx

Look what I found…

  • Food in a jar? I’m loving the idea and I keep pinning different ideas… So, what better than chili and cornbread with the cooler weather we’ve been having this week?


  • As we are now in August, and the “back-to-school-feeling” is upon me I’ve been trying to make things a little more organised around here…


  • I LOVE this potato salad, every time we go on a picnic, Dan asks me to make it!


  • I’m lusting after these right now, so hopefully when we go shopping at the weekend I’ll be able to nab them!


  • I really like the smell of vanilla, and I love beauty products and making things…mix it all together and you get this yummy looking body scrub!


  • I’m in the process of updating my wardrobe, so this fab shoe storage would be a really good thing for me to try out!


Hope you enjoy browsing them! I certainly did and I can’t wait to try some of them out!

Emma-Jayne xx

High Heels…

wedding shoes

Okay, so my wedding is in just under nine months! BUT this means that I need to wear some pretty shoes. last year, I brought some shoes similar to these (pictured above). They are the same style and height, but have some embellishment on them.

I adore high heels. Most of the shoes I buy because they are pretty are heels. The problem is I don’t wear heels. ever. not unless I’m going out somewhere and then they’re usually off within half an hour… I CAN walk in high-ish heels, but I’ve not succeeded wonderfully in these ones as of yet. I do have a second pair that are around 3 inches, but I much prefer the higher ones. The other problem I have is wearing heels all day…not something I’ve ever managed! and I know that for most of the ceremony I’ll be standing up. also the churchyard has old, uneven paving stones that I have tripped on in flat shoes in the past… not something I want to do In my wedding dress!! Therefore, the plan is I’m going to work my way up. I’m starting out in 2.5 inch heels that I’m hoping after a few weeks of wearing them to clean in/short shopping trips I’ll be moving up to around the 3-4 inch mark for all day wear…if I can get comfortable in those maybe I have a chance of wearing the killer heels for at least part of my wedding…

So, any tips would be welcome! I need to go from 24/7 flats to high heels in  months…wish me luck!

Emma-Jayne xx

New Book…


I FINALLY got my hands on a copy of the great british sewing bee! I’ve been after it for weeks, but I kept forgetting to pick it up when I was shopping but I got one from Tesco at last! I’m so exited to try out some of the things in it, I just need to get myself fabric shopping first! In the book, there are a few chapters on basic techniques so that even a novice sewer that has never made anything before can easily follow the projects in the book, followed by over 25 different projects to make ranging from curtains to jackets all with a skill level of 1 button (basic) to 5 buttons (a project to work up to) personally I want to throw myself in at the deep end and make the jacket! However, I am well aware that jackets are notoriously difficult so I may make the dress I want first! The only major downside to the book is that there are no paper patterns. You either have to scale up the images printed in the book or download and print them from the internet. Both of these take a lot of time and effort. This doesn’t put me off too much as I’m hoping ill use the patterns more than once so I don’t waste paper! if you want a copy, its available on amazon here .

Emma-Jayne xx