Hi there!

I’m Emma, I live in Staffordshire, England with my hubby Dan and our gorgeous little girl Lillee Grace.


I have a love for sewing and making things as well as cooking, reading, and trying my best to be a good mommy!

A brief history of me…

I was born in 1993, to my parents Stephanie and David. I had an average childhood, my memories are full of spending time away in wales at my great uncles caravan, playing together, baking, cosy Christmases and birthday parties. My little sister Aimie came along in 2000, making up our family of 4.

Me and Aimie

So we carried on like this, then in 2010 I met Dan at college. Just 5 months later we found out I was pregnant with our first baby. She was due on Valentines Day!

Me and Dan

In August 2010, he asked me to marry him. I said yes! We planned our wedding for March 2014

Then, in February 2011 at 7.23am our little girl Lillee Grace came into the world. She was a week early and she weighed 7lbs 1oz. As far as we are concerned she is perfect!

1 day old

In May 2011, we moved into our flat together as a family. We’ve been here ever since! Our baby grew somewhat, and is now a gorgeous little girl, with a rather cheeky personality!

lillee and mommy

On the 22nd of March 2014, Dan and I finally got the wedding of our dreams. It was in the same church my mom and dad were married in 25 years earlier, and our gorgeous little girl was the flower girl.


So, lets see what the future brings! I hope you enjoy reading. Much love…

Emma-Jayne xx

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