High Heels…

wedding shoes

Okay, so my wedding is in just under nine months! BUT this means that I need to wear some pretty shoes. last year, I brought some shoes similar to these (pictured above). They are the same style and height, but have some embellishment on them.

I adore high heels. Most of the shoes I buy because they are pretty are heels. The problem is I don’t wear heels. ever. not unless I’m going out somewhere and then they’re usually off within half an hour… I CAN walk in high-ish heels, but I’ve not succeeded wonderfully in these ones as of yet. I do have a second pair that are around 3 inches, but I much prefer the higher ones. The other problem I have is wearing heels all day…not something I’ve ever managed! and I know that for most of the ceremony I’ll be standing up. also the churchyard has old, uneven paving stones that I have tripped on in flat shoes in the past… not something I want to do In my wedding dress!! Therefore, the plan is I’m going to work my way up. I’m starting out in 2.5 inch heels that I’m hoping after a few weeks of wearing them to clean in/short shopping trips I’ll be moving up to around the 3-4 inch mark for all day wear…if I can get comfortable in those maybe I have a chance of wearing the killer heels for at least part of my wedding…

So, any tips would be welcome! I need to go from 24/7 flats to high heels in  months…wish me luck!

Emma-Jayne xx

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