banana “icecream” with chocolate chips..

bannana icecream

So, at the moment i’m trying to loose weight and get healthy you can follow my progress here! Anyways, this “icecream” was so yummy i had to share it with you!

you will need:

  • 1 ripe banana
  • chocolate chips

Mash the banana, and stir through the chocolate chips (I used green and blacks maya gold chopped into small pieces) put the mixture into a freezer proof bowl, lined with cling film. Cover the top and freeze for 3-4 hours. pop out of the bowl and enjoy!

What I loved about it, was that the texture and creamyness of the icecream was there but with zero guilt! Super yummy, try it!

Emma-Jayyne xx

The big girl bed…

On Sunday, we took the side off of my little girls cot-bed, turning it into a “big girl bed”

big girl bed

This is how the first week went…

Sunday:- I tucked Lillee up into bed, read her a story and said goodnight. She didn’t get out of bed once! So proud of her, but I have a feeling that it’s not going to last…

Monday:- So, we followed the same routine as last night. (it is pretty much her normal bedtime routine except the change in bed) However, today Miss Lillee decided that she didnt want to stay in bed. She followed me out of her room, then I put her back to bed and she sat in her chair reading to her toys. So, about 10 minutes later I stuck my head round the door to see if she was ok and she followed me out again…twice I had to put her back to bed! However, after throwing a tantrum (in her bed I might add!) she went off to sleep and by 8 o’clock she was fast asleep! Still not too bad I don’t think, just hoping it doesn’t get any worse!

Tuesday:- Tonight, we were out untill quite late so Lillee fell asleep in the car! This meant that she then stayed in bed as she was already sleep.

Wednesday:- One very tired little girl was put to bed today. She has been refusing naps all week, and coupled with last night being so late for her she spent most of the day looking extremly sleepy. The bonus was that although when she was initially put to bed she got out to play in her room after I was out of her sight, within about 10 minutes Lillee got herself back into bed and went off to sleep!

Thursday:- Tonight, she was put to bed after her story she had the book off me and read it too her teddys before falling asleep!

Friday:- Daddy was at home tonight, so he put her to bed. Once again, she stayed in bed all night.

Saturday:- Tonight was the same as last night, and again we had no problems!

I’m soooooo proud of my princess for staying in her bed, to be honest i was expecting her up every 5 minutes especially the first few nights so really shes done extremly well!

Emma-Jayne xx