Winter Days…


lillee fell over



cake in a jar

lillee the ladybird


china teacups and springtime flowers

tea for one

mommys little helper


lillee's new quilt

butternut squash soup

Snow, snow and more snow! its been snowing an awful lot lately just here in staffordshire, so playing outside was a must. It’s all gone now, but we enjoyed it while it lasted. The comfort food was a hit in our house, especially the cobbler it may just become a new family favorite! The cake-in-a-jar was a huge success too something i’m definetly going to be making again.

January is traditionally a time to make resolutions. Out with the old and in with the new. New recipes, preparing new things for a special someones birthday in the near future and playing in the first snow of the year seems to me like a fantastic way to start everything off to me. And so, my resolution is this: Live well, laugh often, love much. (Bessie Anderson Stanley) I think we’ve made a good start so far.

Emma-Jayne xx

Special K Challenge…

special-k-red-berries-cereal-detail-prod1Im doing it. it’s officail, im only half a day in and im already starving… BUT it will hopefully be worth it. Next saturday, we’re going to Dan’s works christmas do. Yes, in february, apparently they dont have the time in december like everyone else… But the dress i want to wear doesnt fit right 😦 sooo im going to try the 2 week challenge from special K. you eat a bowl of special k for breakfast and again for lunch or dinner with a healthy meal for the other one and supposedly you can loose a dress size in 2 weeks. so fingers crossed, lets see if i can fit into my dress properly come next saturday!

Emma-Jayne x